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1 February - 21 March 2021


Veiled Intimacies presents early textile explorations by multidisciplinary artist Sabrina Koh, in a series of constructed silhouettes and re-engineered garments imbued with personal stories and narratives. The artist deliberately reverses the associated uses of everyday and familiar textiles, in a play of form, texture and function. Calico fabric, an understated lightweight material typically employed for prototyping, is culturally symbolic in its observed use in Asian rites and rituals. When employed in these re-engineered garments, juxtaposed against recognisable prints and fabric, it recalls a yearning, missing and longing – of emotions unexpressed. Each garment is an embodied armour; it protects, it veils, it harbours intimacy, while allowing the wearer to move or perform differently as the body shifts and reconciles with its situated space and environment.



double intimacies

20 March 2021, 3.30 - 5.30pm

double intimacies is our first Open Studio session which invites participants to experience Veiled Intimacies through conversation with the artist, Sabrina Koh. Participants are asked to bring personal garments, clothing, wearable items and articles which carry individual stories and meanings. Of longing, yearning and fond tenderness, join us on the closing weekend of this exhibition as we unveil our relationship with garments, bodies and memories.

Installation view, Veiled Intimacies, 1 February - 21 March 2021, dblspce.


Gaps imply the absence of vital components – a relationship or presence unfulfilled in one’s life. Presented in a series of showcases, the works of these emerging artists dive into various perspectives, practices, and opinions to embrace the nature of their incompleteness, relying on each other to fill in the void of comprehensive conclusions: encompassing subjects from love and loss to religion and race.


25 March - 4 April 2021

Hiraeth is the Welsh term for nostalgia. Named as such, this exhibition was conceived to look closely into the intimate spaces of three artists, whose personal stories provide room for boundless discussion. The works presented generate aloof narratives and conversations between the framework of the artists, the works, and the audiences. By juxtaposing the context of absence in the context of presence, the artworks present a dynamic combination of methodologies, research, concepts, and materials while portraying subjects with mixed emotions.

Artists: Grace Angel, Jayalakshmi Sethu Raman, Amirul Azman

Imprints of the Self

8 - 18 April 2021


An exhibition of deeply personal works by artists who are in the process of self-discovery, struggling to portray their most raw and honest selves through the medium of mark-making, be it in the form of painting or drawing.


Artists: Nicholas Long, Lee Yi Xuan, Xue Chuqin

Installation view, Hiraeth, 25 March - 4 April 2021, dblspce.

Gaps is presented and organised by the emerging artists of @bafapartcollective.

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