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The studio and residency programme seeks to provide artists, creative practitioners, curators, cultural producers, and writers with the opportunity to activate and present their projects. 


Each residency lasts four weeks and serves as an incubator to catalyse dialogue through interdisciplinary engagement and exchanges.


The residency is site-specific, responding to and engaging with dblspce’s current site, surrounding vicinity and environment. While the residency is not outcome-driven, interested applicants should activate dblspce as a site of encounters and happenings through exhibitions, workshops, talks, presentations, etc. The residency also includes mentoring and coaching sessions to facilitate deeper discussions with the resident and their practice.

In the third cycle of residencies, we are seeking proposals that respond to WHITE, in all its ideas and interpretations, forms and formats.


The residency is open to Singapore and Southeast Asia-based individuals and collectives. Selected residents will be hosted between May to December 2023. If selected, SEA artists are required to independently source for their funding and accommodation.

Visit our Instagram page to view past residencies -

Cycle 1
Benny Loh
Joshua Tan

Noor Iskandar
Rejects Asylum
(Amirul Adli, Fong Weihan, Koh Kaiting) 
Ryan Lim Zi Yi
Sabrina Sng & Vanessa Toh

Victoria Hertel

Cycle 2

Buwan Art Collective (Arrvinraj, Laura Pelea, Sophia Dominguez)
Dylan Chan
Jaxton Su

Karmen Cheng

Phoo Myet Che, Pearl
Sarah Lin

Sean' s Bookshop & Taufiq Rahman
Syahrul Anuar

Wei Collective

Cycle 3

Chew Shaw En
Genevieve Leong

Lidya Chrisfens

Liz Zhu Shichun

Lu Huijun

Ng Hui Hsien




To apply for a residency, please submit the following to by 21 April 2023:

  1. A project proposal (400 - 500 words) which indicates why you are interested in the residency, and outlines how you will activate the studio space and respond to dblspce’s site and environment;

  2. Curriculum Vitae;

  3. Online portfolio;

  4. Proposed residency period between May to December 2023.

Applicants are assessed on the merit of their project proposal and portfolio documenting previous projects. Successful applicants will be informed within 3 - 4 weeks of their application.

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